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It is incredibly tough to successfully compete in today’s marketing arena, without the use of effective, automated tools to grow your business. This is especially true if your offer includes any type of MLM, top-tier, high ticket, leads, marketing tools, or other home based business opportunity. You need a good automated voice broadcasting dialer strategy! Compare the following videos to see the difference…

Your business with automated voice broadcasting.

Your business without automated voice broadcasting.

Not all automated voice broadcast dialing platforms are the same. And merely having access to a broadcast dialer, doesn’t mean it’s being used properly to ensure maximum effectiveness! 99% of those currently using automated voice broadcasting are NOT using it properly! You will NEVER experience the true power and benefits of automated dialing until you discover how to do it the right way.

Here’s a brief overview of what you need to have in place before you start any automated voice broadcast dialing campaign…

Strong Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel must be properly designed from start to finish. Starting any automated dialing campaign without it is a big mistake.

High Conversion Website

Your website must properly represent your offer and be responsively designed for today’s devices. It’s a MUST have!

Email Campaign

You need a well written email campaign that engages the reader and works for you 24/7 like a non-stop selling machine!

Unlimited Cash Flow

When each of these things have been properly put in place, and you are promoting a high-ticket offer, automated voice broadcasting can change your life!

If you need help with your sales funnel, connect with me. I will guide you in the right direction. This is critical to your success.

Now let’s look at why the automated voice broadcast dialing platform I use is the best one and also why you should use it.


I have made exclusive special arrangements with the provider, to allow everyone who goes through me, to have the call volume limitation increased on their account from 250 calls per minute, to ONE THOUSAND CALLS PER MINUTE! You won’t find any other automated voice broadcasting dialer platform that offers this phenomenal speed. This combined with all of the other features, make this an absolute game changer.

Web Based Account Management - Changes in Real Time

Turn your campaign ON or OFF in real-time Change your scheduled broadcast hours for automatic starting and stopping Change the “Caller-ID” displayed on the outgoing calls Increase or decrease the number of calls attempted per minute (dialing speed) Change the maximum number of simultaneous calls allowed to your office Change your “Transfer Calls To” phone number(s) Playback recordings of your transferred calls for quality control and training Add numbers to, and manage your company specific Do-Not-Call list Connect to the “Call Notification System” for screen popup information Run real-time reports showing a detailed analysis of your calling results Download your call records showing the details of each and every call placed Upload your own list to call, or select from a national telephone number database Upload a recording to use, record a new message, or change delivery options

FREE Call Recording

At NO ADDITIONAL COST, we will record ALL calls transferred to your office or call center to ensure your staff is doing their job effectively. You will be able to listen to the recorded calls at anytime 24/7 via our Web-Based Campaign Management System.

FREE Simultaneous Call Limitation

We know that you only have a limited number of people who can answer the phone at the same time. When a specific number of callers are simultaneously talking with your office, your broadcast will stop AUTOMATICALLY, once someone gets off the phone, the calls will automatically continue. This ensures your office will never be inundated with too many calls, yet always gets just enough to keep everyone busy.

All Digital Network

Your calls will be made via fiber optic cross connections to major providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Level 3 Communications. We DO NOT USE low bit rate Voice over IP to terminate our calls which usually result in poor audio quality and lower response rates.

FREE Usage Of Our "Call Transfer Notification System"

As soon as a caller presses the number “1” to have their call transferred, a popup in your web browser will give you the name, address, phone number, and other important details of the incoming caller.

FREE Wireless Number Scrubbing

We can optionally scrub your selected or uploaded database against our continuously updated database of wireless numbers within the United States.

FREE FTP Database Delivery

More advanced users have integrated our dialing system into their IT Infrastructure. We can provide you with FTP Login information for unattended database file delivery. Upon receipt of your database file, your campaign will be automatically enabled to run during its scheduled hours.

FREE Automatic Transfer Retry

If we transfer a call to your office, and all of your lines are busy, we will automatically redial your phone number every two seconds until we get through. During that time the caller will hear hold music.

FREE Database Usage - National Database Available

Users are provided FREE access to a national database of Consumer or Business data for broadcasting. Records are categorized as either Business or Residential, and further categorized geographically by area code or state. Additionally, the business database can be separated by SIC Codes nationwide. All users of the system must ensure the content of any pre-recorded message is compliant with all state, federal, and local rules and regulations.

FREE E-Mailed Contact Information

After a caller presses “1” for more information in response to your message, the name, address, phone number and other critical call information will automatically be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you select

FREE Advanced Call Routing & Call Distribution Capabilities

Whether you have a single centralized call center, or have a dozen agents in different locations, our network can very easily be programmed to distribute calls to agents evenly. Additionally, we can ensure a second call is never connected to the same agent when they are on the phone. This feature works hand in hand with our ‘Simultaneous Call Limit’ to not only ensure that you never get more calls than you can handle, but to ensure that all agents receive an even distribution of calls, and no agent receives a second call while on a call.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your company will have a single point of contact for all of your account servicing needs. There is no need to speak to different departments or go through any management hierarchy. All of our support personnel are located within the United States and there will always be an emergency contact available after hours 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

FREE Do-Not-Call Maintenance

We maintain a Company-Wide Do-Not-Call list, for extremely irate individuals, as well as an Account-Specific Do-Not-Call list exclusively for your account. You will be able to import your own Do-Not-Call telephone numbers into our network to ensure people who should not be called are never called.

FREE Caller Hang up Notification Service

Sometimes the individual who pressed “1” to be connected to you, will hang up the phone before your office answers the call. If this happens, your office will automatically receive a call with the following message : “The individual who pressed one hung up the telephone, if you would like to call them back, they can be reached at ….” allowing you to quickly call the person back.

FREE FTP Delivery of Recorded Calls For Long Term Storage

Users who employ a “Third Party Verification Service” which records the conversation with the caller may find it unneeded with our network. We can automatically transmit a copy of all your recorded calls to a designated FTP server at midnight every night.

FREE Caller-ID Notification

All the calls we transfer to your office or call center will display the Caller-ID of the individual who pressed “1′. This is an additional source for identification separate from our “Call Transfer Notification System” and “E-Mail Notification System”.

FREE Survey / Multiple Choice IVR Functionality

Our network can also compile the results of a multiple choice question or survey. Callers can press the keys 4,5,6,7,8,9 to indicate their interest or preference for a particular course of action. For example, a survey of voter preferences may ask the question : “If the election were held today, and you would vote for Candidate A press 4, for Candidate B press 5, or Candidate C press 6.”
Read what people who have used automated voice broadcasting have to say about how it has helped them grow their business…

Dial 100% Of Your List - No 'Problem/Error' calls

Most of our competitors won’t even ATTEMPT to dial almost half of the phone numbers in your list to call. Why? Because the United States is divided up into regions controlled by incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers (ILECs & CLEC’s). Most ILECs charge a extra premium to terminate a call into their region. To save money our competitors won’t even attempt your call. With us, your call will ALWAYS be attempted, routed, and re-routed until we complete the call. We NEVER skip numbers, or call them ‘Problem Calls‘.

FREE Call Transfer with NO Per Minute Charges!

We will transfer the caller to any phone number in the United States or Canada at no additional charge! There will be no additional per-minute charges of any kind. Talk as long as you want! (This does not apply to the per-minute pricing plan where you are only charged for the minutes you use)

NO Setup Fees

We are the low cost leader in Voice Broadcasting. We focus on volume and will not nickel and dime you. You will know your EXACT costs before your campaign begins.

FREE Voicemail Box

Customers that do not want to have the calls transferred directly to them, or do not have the employees to answer all the calls, can transfer the calls to a voicemail box which we will provide at no charge.

FREE National Do-Not-Call List Scrubbing

We can optionally scrub your selected or uploaded database against the Federal Trade Commission’s ‘National Do-Not-Call List‘ Database FREE of charge.

FREE Web-Based Database Processing Capabilities

You need to make sure that your list is processed correctly before starting your calls. Our network can process over 85 DIFFERENT formats of phone numbers from your data file. It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘1’ before the Area Code, the Area Code in parenthesis, or even a ‘-‘ between the third and fourth digit of the phone number, our system can handle it all. Additionally, our service can de-duplicate your list to ensure each number is only dialed once. We can even randomize your list to ensure transferred calls come in regular intervals, and not in bursts.

FREE Call Announcement Feature

When a call is transferred to you, we can optionally have an announcement play a message “You have a transferred call” a moment before to the call is actually connected to you. This will allow your staff a moment to compose themselves so they can handle the call appropriately. It also allows your office to know the difference between a normal call, and when of our transferred calls are coming through.

FREE Mark For Removal Feature

Sometimes a caller presses “1” to have their call transferred to your office or call center, but then asks to be put on the Do-Not-Call list. In this case, simply press the Star Key (*) on your telephone at any time during the conversation with the caller. You and the caller will both hear a recording confirming the person has been placed placed on the Do-Not-Call list, then the call will be disconnected.

Secure / Encrypted Network Communications

Our network uses 2048 bit RSA encryption for ‘HTTPS’ Web Based Client communications. This is the government standard for transmission and receipt of confidential data. Our network security policies are HIPAA compliant and data transmission can be limited to encrypted channels for compliance purposes, as well as to ensure packet sniffers, and other unscrupulous individuals can’t get their hands on it.
Your services were highly effective, professional and reliable. I have already recommended your company’s services to other friends.
Jim in California

Council Member

I was living a very different lifestyle before discovering voice broadcasting. I simply had no extra money for anything and I struggled like so many from paycheck to paycheck. I found a good high-ticket business opportunity and rolled the dice with voice broadcasting which allowed me to earn $8,000. my first week! Since then I’ve called 30,000 to 50,000 people per day, six days per week and even called over a million people in a single day! I’m a HUGE fan of automated voice broadcasting and I often credit it as to one of the primary reasons I was able to become a millionaire several years ago!
Britt in Virginia


Nothing has ever produced more results, more quickly than voice broadcasting. I can stay home with my twin boys and still make great money.
Beth in Connecticut

Homebased Business Mom

6,000 people requested more information in 3 hours!!!! Tons of VMs and closed multiple sales. One $6500! People at dialer company never seen such results before!
Dan in Washington


…we often need to convey critical information to a large member base in a timely manner. Voice broadcasting has enabled us to do this very effectively and has become a key mode of communication for us.
Karen in California

Project Manager

I use voice broadcasting to get the word out there about the top-tier program I’m involved with. The results for me and my team have been amazing!
John in Florida


I want to sincerely thank you for saving my business from ruin. Before we came across your service we tried unsuccessfully all forms of very expensive advertising inclusing mailers, predictive dialers, lead providers, newspaper ads, telemarketers, all of these forms of marketing produced minimal or no results. Moreover, we spent thousands of dollars and we were losing a lot of money, and our profit margin was extremely low. Thanks to the technology and cost effectiveness of your service and the control it allows you to have over our campaigns, our profits have more than quadrupled, while at the same time maintaining our costs to a minimum. The rule of business is to invest 30% of your revenue in advertising to be successful in any type of business. WEe invest less than 5% of cour revenue in our campaigns thanks to the effectiveness of the system…
Danielle in California


The broadcast dialer has been very successful. I work with many who are the top in their field online and they all are using automated dialing to explode their business. It’s a great marketing strategy and very cost effective delivering more bang for your buck.
Robert in Las Vegas


Pricing Plan #1 – Per Minute Pricing Pay Only For The Minutes You Use ALL UNUSED MINUTES ROLLOVER!

 With this pricing plan you only pay for the minutes that you actually use. This gives you greater flexibility in campaign structuring and allows you to compare our low rates directly with other companies that only can offer simple per-minute billing plans. 

Minimum Order Price Per Minute Total Minutes

$150.°° 2.5 Cents A Minute 6,000 Minutes
$300.°° 1.5 Cents A Minute 20,000 Minutes
$600.°° 0.8 Cents A Minute 75,000 Minutes
$875.°° 0.7 Cents A Minute 125,000 Minutes

Exact Billing – No Rounding Up To The Next Whole Penny! Call Anywhere in the Contiguous United States & Canada Includes a FREE Voicemail Box Deliver to Live People Only, Answering Machines Only, or Both! No Message Duration Restrictions! No “Error” or “Problem” Calls – We call EVERY number you give us! … Plus all our Features!

Pricing Plan #2 – Per Transfer Pricing Pay Only For Transferred Calls – $5.00 Per Transfer

With this pricing plan we will continue to send out as many calls as necessary, at a dialing speed that you control, until you have received all the (Press ‘1’) transferred calls you have ordered. Additional Details: This is NOT an AVERAGE rate! It’s a TRUE flat rate for Press-1 Transfers. No Per Minute Charges of Any Kind! Call Anywhere in the Contiguous United States & Canada Includes a FREE Voicemail Box “Live Answer” Message Delivery Only 45 Second Maximum Message Duration … Plus all our Features! $600 Minimum Order (120 Transferred Calls)


Watch the video below to discover how you can maximize the per minute plan so that each minute equals one call to one person. This means for every minute you pay for, you will connect with one person. Even if you opted to test the waters with the lowest priced option, you will still be able to connect with 6,000 people! And if you want to take your marketing efforts big league… you can jump on the best value and reach 125,000 people for only 0.7 cents each!

Who says you can’t get anything for a penny? You can get a LOT and you don’t even need the whole penny!

Frequently Asked Questions About Automated Voice Broadcasting

Are automated calls really effective?
Yes, IF they are done correctly. Most people who are using automated voice broadcast dialing or robocalling as it is sometimes called, are making a BIG mistake with the way they are doing it. They are leaving so much money on the table. And they are completely clueless about the proper and most effective way to do it correctly.
Where will I get the leads to call?
I have access to an ever growing batch of over 200 genealogy lead lists. I provide leads to many top producers online in a wide variety of niches. For more information about how you can get your hands on these leads, visit this site. You may upload your own calling list to call, or select from general Consumer or Business Data. General Consumer or Business Data contains approximately 220 Million records and may be selected from Free of Charge with our service. The database is broken down into two major categories, either Business or Consumer, then each major category is further broken down by Area Code, State, or Business SIC Code Nationwide. Users who provide their own data tend to have a much higher response rates. All users of the system must ensure the content of any pre-recorded message is compliant with all state, federal, and local calling rules and regulations.
Can you help me with my outgoing messages?
Yes. I have been writing effective scripts and also recording them for clients for many years. Whether you want me to write your script and then you record it, or you want me to write it and record it for you, I can do it for you. Watch the video below for more information.
I'm not really computer savy, can I still use automated voice broadcasting?
Yes! Watch the video below to discover how you can get me to personally walk you through how to set everything up!
I am on a limited budget, can I still use automated voice broadcasting?
Yes! There is a plan for every budget. And combined with an effective strategy that I will show you, you can make every single automated call go further and save money in the process. I can show you how to call more people for much less than most who are doing it wrong are spending. Watch the video below to get more information.
Since so many calls are being placed at once, how will I not get overwhelmed?
This is where the importance of having the right sales funnel in place comes in to play. Once you have your sales funnel correctly set up, it won’t matter if you get 10 or 10,000 calls in a single day from people wanting more information. The sales funnel will kick in and very easily handle the volume for you while making sure that every person is handled professionally and instantly etc. You do not have to take the calls live. In fact I will show you how you can maximize the autodialer without ever having to take a single inbound call from a press 1 to get more info type automated call.
What are the legalities of using automated voice broadcasting?
You must use automated voice broadcasting responsibly. You can’t simply upload the entire United States for example and just start auto dialing everybody! Nor would you want to. The reason is they wouldn’t be targeted. You would have no idea who is a good fit for your offer and who isn’t etc. You also do not want to call anyone who is on the National Do Not Call Registry. The system that I use allows you to easily scrub your lists against the registry to prevent you from calling anyone on the list who has previously opted out of receiving automated or robocalls. It is your responsibility to know the laws that govern the use of automated voice broadcasting and how they apply to your use of it. I am not a lawyer and I cannot give you or anyone legal advice to do it correctly. All users of the system must ensure the content of any pre-recorded message is compliant with all state, federal, and local calling rules and regulations.

With Automated Voice Broadcast Dialing…

1. Automatically connect with and share your offer with 1,000 people per minute!  You can find MORE prospects FASTER! This is a real game changer.

2. Automatically follow up and stay connected with prospects and potential customers with ease! Real time saver! This translates into FASTER PROFITS!

3. Automatically stay connected with your team to provide training, motivation, and support! Exponential team and business growth!

4. Automatically reach far more people than ever would be possible without using this dialing platform. Dramatically increase productivity and explosive business growth! The bottom line is you can make MORE money and do it at a much FASTER rate than the alternative! When this happens, your energy and enthusiasm are MUCH higher and you attract even MORE success!



Total Time: 0 second

Without Automated Voice Broadcast Dialing

1. You will have to manually speak with each and every prospect about your product, program, service, opportunity etc. The process will be SLOWER and LONGER for you to find people to purchase your offer.

2. You will have to use a much slower method such as email (if you have opt-ins) to stay connected with prospects. This means your ability to earn money is great SLOWED down.

3. You will have to use a much slower, often undeliverable method such as email to stay connected with your team. This means your business growth will be SLOWER and you run the huge risk of rapidly losing team members.

4. You will be significantly limited by the number of people you can manually connect with. This will hinder and limit your ability to earn money because you will be reaching far less people. It will take you longer to find prospects and convert them into customers. The burnout level of frustration is very high with this approach.


Have questions? Ready to discover how the top producers are killing it with Automated Voice Broadcasting?  You can reach me direct by phone, or by using the contact form below. This system is AWESOME in action as you will soon see for yourself! Contact me right now so I can get everything set up for you ASAP! The sooner I get everything up and running for you, the sooner you can see the amazing results for yourself.

Britt Phillips

Magic Telephone Dialer Contact

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